Silent moments at guesthouses


Silent Moments -at Guesthouses-
This program is available at 7 different guesthouses around North Karelia!

Take a break from day-to-day life to simply be and peacefully listen to your surroundings and yourself. A two-day stop in a silent guesthouse is an opportunity for rest, spending time outdoors, guided light exercise, delicious local food, relaxation for mind and body, and for actively listening to the sounds of silence.

Visitors can also pre-book massages and other treatments for an additional fee.
Massage prices from 25 €.

Price: EUR 270/person, 2 days (groups of 4-12).
The price includes accommodation, full board, sauna and program as mentioned below.

We can also plan a tailor-made program for your group. Every guesthouse brings its own specialities to the program!
The guesthouses are:


Day 1
Welcoming event
Evening snack
Time to yoga or meditation

Day 2
Waking up -moment outside
Focusing on the sounds of forest – Forest trip with picnic lunch
Evening snack
Time to yoga or meditation

Day 3
Waking up -moment outside
Sounds of forest continue
Hei, hei!