Äksyt Ämmät

was founded in 1995. The company’s policy is to offer unique experiences in the Finnish nature  with samples of Karelian culture and cuisine. Ask for the story of the company name! The founders of the company were “angry birds” of their time!


is an expert guide and campfire cook. She likes archery and canoeing. She knows how to set up a traditional smoke sauna and always succeeds in finding the way home after a day of adventures.

“Every tour has its special focus – but they all have some things in common: hiking, biking, canoeing and skiing and getting to know each other and the locals.

One evening is spent in a traditional smoke sauna – but you can go to sauna every evening if you wish. The day always starts with a hearty breakfast and nothing is planned before the breakfast. Our cross country skiing tour requires skiing experience and a good condition, but you also get fitter every day!”

Äksyt Ämmät has won many awards within the years. Thanks to our partners!

*Scandinavian Outdoor Award for Destinations (SOA Destinations) HONORABLE MENTION, 2018

* Visit Finland; The top entrepreneur in sustainable development, 2017

*Silence with Kantele Finland 100 product, 2017

*Visit Finland; Authentic FinRelax Experience (Silent moments in guesthouses), 2016

*Visit Finland; Culture Finland (Silent Kantele), 2016

*The Best Food Tourism Product, 2015

*The entrepreneur of the year in Nurmes, 2015

*Partner of North Karelia Biosphere Reserve since 2011
(Partner in Biosphärenreservat Nordkarelien seit 2011)

*CSR Tourism certified since 2011
(CSR zertifiziert seit 2011)

*Karelia à la Carte -Tervetuloa karjalaisen kulinarismin pariin! since 2011

*InnoElma Award, 2008

*Environment award of North Karelia 2007
(Träger des Nordkarelischen Umweltpreises 2007)

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