Silence, please!

Take a break from day-to-day life to simply be and peacefully listen to your surroundings and yourself. A two-day stop in a silent guesthouse is an opportunity for rest, spending time outdoors, guided light exercise, delicious local food, relaxation for mind and body, and for actively listening to the sounds of silence.

We can also plan a tailor-made program for your group. Every guesthouse brings its own specialities to the program!

The guesthouses are:

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Best way to enjoy hill views is biking in the countryside.



Canoeing is such a fun activity! Enjoy the smoothly streaming rivers and beautiful lakes.
Summer is coming


Set out for a tour by ski to the idyllic countryside of North Karelia. Snow, white forests and frozen lakes; February and March are the best times of the year for skiing in North Karelia.
The sun is shining, the snow glistens, the frozen lakes and hills are covered with a thick coat of snow. Link


How about baking Karelian pies or getting to know the wild herbs! The Finnish sauna culture is also worth trying! We also co-operate with Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival.